B Sc Vth and VI Sem Industrial Chemistry - ug syllabus

B Sc Vth and VI Sem Industrial Chemistry


Department of Chemistry, Dr Harisingh Gour University,
B.Sc. Vth Semester
Industrial Chemistry
(For UTD  and College Students Only)
Paper Code
Internal Examination
Main Examination
Chemistry Process Economics & Management Industries – I
Two CCE Examinations of 10 Marks Each
Final Semester Examinations of 23 Marks Each
(CCE) for 501,502 and 503
Total 30 Marks
Assets Recycling -Industrial Organisation &Waste Recycling-I
Two CCE Examinations 10 Marks Each
Final Semester Examinations of 23 Marks Each
23 Marks
Waste Recycling- Industrial Chemical Analysis – I
Two CCE Examinations 10 Marks Each
Final Semester Examinations of 24 Marks Each
24 Marks
Laboratory Course
NO CCE in Practical
Final Semester Examinations of 50 Marks Each
50 Marks
Note :
One Project in any one the subjects (Chem, Bot, Zool, Biotech, Mbiol, Phy, Maths etc) of B.Sc. in Consultation with Dean, Academic

B.Sc.- Part-III   Semester V
Paper : ICH-501
PAPER-1-Chemistry Process Economics & Management Industries - I
Unit-I        Factor involved in project cost estimate Method employed for the estimation of capital investment
Unit-II       Depreciation, method of determining depreciation .Taxes. Some aspects of marketing. Pricing Policy.
Unit-III     Concept of scientific management in industry. Function of management, decision making, planning, organizing, selecting and control location of industry.
Unit-IV      Sampling procedures, sampling of bulk materials, Techniques of sampling solids liquids and gases, Collecting and processing of data.
Unit-V       UV-visible spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy and non-dispersive IR, Atomic Adsorption. Flame photometry
Industrial Chemistry
B.Sc.- Part-III   Semester V
Paper - II- ICH-502
PAPER-II Assets Recycling -Industrial Organisation &Waste Recycling-I
Unit I             Need for waste recycle- Conversion of solid waste into useful product    
Unit II           Identification and qualification of industrial, domestic and agro waste. Feasibility of recycle.
Unit III          Solid waste –Removal of solid contaminants from water by coagulation, sedimentation
Unit IV          Waste management : Waste water treatment and its reuse in Domestic uses
Unit-V           Economics of recycling of waste
Industrial Chemistry
B.Sc.- Part-III   Semester V
Paper – III : ICH - 503
PAPER-III-Waste Recycling- Industrial Chemical Analysis - I
Unit I                                                                                                                              Physical and chemical processes used for the recovery of important compounds                                               
Unit II      Biology processes for the treatment of waste water
Unit III     Gaseous waste: adsorption, Catalytic conversion
Unit IV      Characterization of waste, their management and recovery of important compounds from the wastes from the following industries. 
Unit V       Slaughter houses, rubber, sugar, heavy chemicals,
Industrial Chemistry Course
Laboratory Course : ICH-504
B.Sc.- Semester V
Unit I        Separation –TLC paper chromatography .                                                      V
Unit II      Ion Exchange –Ion exchange capacity of Resins. Softening of hard water ,separation of important metal Fe, Ni, Cr , from effluents and their estimation .                                                                            
Unit III     Activated   - Efficiency of canon adsorption , isotherms ,separation of some important chemicals by adsorption on canon .
Unit IV     Fuel pallets from garbage and solids wastes calorific value.                             
Unit I               The students are expected to collect solid and liquids wastes from nearly industries and analysis with respect to constituent, recovery of important constituent and disposal methods.
Industries Analysis – Analysis of common raw material vas per the industrial specification such as phenol aniline, H2 O2  acetone , epoxide olefine ,oil etc.                                                                                      V
                  Viva Voce                                                                                                    

Industrial Chemistry Vocational Course
B.Sc.- Part-III   Semester VI
ICH- 601
PAPER-1-Chemistry Process Economics & Management Industries - II
Unit-I        Capital formation .Elements of cost accounting
Interest and investment cost .Time value of money-equivalence
Unit II       Profitability criteria, Economics of selection alternatives.
Variation of cost with capacity .Break even point, optimum batch size, production scheduling etc.
Unit III      Materials of industry, Inventory control.
Management of human resources-selection of incentives welfare and safety
Unit-IV      Chromatography , paper chromatography , TLC, GLC, HPLC
Modern instrument method of analysis
Unit-V             Ion-selective electrodes, Ion-Chromatography.
NMR-spectroscopy and, Neutron diffraction. X-ray fluorescence
Industrial Chemistry Vocational Course
B.Sc.- Part-III   Semester VI
ICH- 602
PAPER-IIAssets Recycling -Industrial Organisation &WasteRecycling-II
Unit I             Waste recycle - Limitations of raw material resources. Waste elimination.
Unit II           Separation of Waste - Solid, Liquid and Gaseous.
Unit III          Solid waste disposal, Incineration, Fuel palletization Soil conditioning
Unit IV          Physical & Chemical treatment of water and its reuse in industries viz., Agriculture , Oil refineries , Thermal power station and Reuse of cooling water
Unit-V           Economics of recycling of waste
Industrial Chemistry Vocational Course
B.Sc.- Part-III   Semester VI
ICH- 603
PAPER-III-Waste Recycling- Industrial Chemical Analysis - II
Unit I  Activation carbon adsorption, Ion exchange process, evaporation, distillation, centrifugation, filtration, coagulation, membrane processes, microbial degradation
Unit II       Trickle filters, activated sludge process, microbial degradations.
Unit III     Recovery of important gases .CO2, NO2, SOetc. electrostatic precipitation bag filter, wetldly grid arrestors
Unit IV      Dyestuff, fertilizers. Textile. Oil fats and soap and steel plant
Unit V       Fermentation, thermal power station, electroplating paper paint                       
Industrial Chemistry Vocational Course
B.Sc.- Part-III  Semester VI
ICH- 604
Laboratory Course
Estimation of SO2, NH3, NO2.                                                                                         
Estimation of hardness acidity and pH of water                                                                  VI
Estimation of BOD, COD content of effluent water from different industries.                     
Analysis of solid contents from the liquid effluent form different industries .separation of the constituent, chromatographic.                  
Synthesis of common industrial compounds involving two step reaction –for examples 4-bromo aniline 3-nitro aniline sulphanilimide +aminobenzoc acid 4-Nitrobenzoic acid Dihalobenzene. Nitrohalobenzene .practical records.      VI

1.       Science of ceramics Chemical processing, Hench L.L.
2.       Chemistry and Physic of Clays other ceramics
3.       Science of ceramics, Stewat, G.H.
4.       Chemistry of cement
5.       Properties of glass Merey, G.W.
6.       Chemistry of glasses Paul, G.W.
7.       Corrosion Causes and prevention, Spellur, F.N.
8.       Corrosion and Corrosion engineering Fontana M.G. and Green N. Dr. McGraw- Hill Book Co.
9.       Experiments in materials Technology, a Laboratory Text for Engineers, Manufacturing metallurgy and materials testing Govt. of India East West Publication
10.     Selecting Materials for Process Equipment MC Maugton K.J., McGraw Hill Book Co.
 11.    Industrial instrumentation D.P. Eckpan, John- Wileys & Sons.
12.     Applied Instrument in process Industries, Vol. and I & III W.G. Andrens, Gulf Publication
13.     Instrumentation and control the process industries S. Borer, Elsevies Applied Science Publishers.
14.     Chemical Engineers and book J.H. Terry and D Greenb, McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., New York.

Unit process in Organic Synthesis
P.M. Groggins. McGraw- Hill Book Co., New York


Unit Processes in organic synthesis, P.H. Grroggins, McGraw – Hill Book Ck. New York


Pollution control in chemical and – industries Mahajan S.P.
Pollution control in industries, A series of books by Jones H..R.
System’s Approach to Air pollution Control, R.J. Bibbero and I.G. young.
Air pollution- Vol. I-IV Editor, A.C. stern, Academic Press, New York
Gas purification process for Air pollution control G. Nonhebel Newnes- Butterworth’s, London
Air Pollution Technology. Painter, D.E. Reston Publishing Co-
Effluent Technology in process Industries Inst. of Chems Engg.
Effluent Treatment and waste disposal Inst of Chem Engg
Effluents Treatment and waste disposal Inst. of Chem Engg.
System’s Approach to air pollution control, R.J. Bibbered and I.O. Young.
Air pollution- Vol I, I-IV Editor, A.C. stern, Academic press, New York.
Gas purification process for air pollution control, Nonhebel Newness- Butterworth’s London
Air pollution Technology painter D.E. Reston Publishing Co.



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